2012 End of Year Quiz

2012 End of Year Quiz

It seems traditional at the end of the year to have a yearly review and quiz.  My quiz only has one question.  Was I crazy to embark on being self employment in 2012?  I took advice and counsel from many people, and most all adopted the initial positive stance, of “go for it, but it will be tough” some said, “are you sure you can do it?, however it was primarily the group of self employed friends and colleagues who said – “life can be what you want it to be when you are self employed, it’s hard, hard work.  However it seems that the majority of self employed people wouldn’t want to go back into full time employment – why?  well that’s for another post.

I did take the leap, and it has been hard work and a constant onslaught on the nerves.  I never expected to find myself so in charge of my own career path.  That sounds wimpish, but I now no longer rely on others to help promote me or congratulate me.  I have to find the inner strength to do that myself.  It will continue to be so, because what you don’t really appreciate when you are planning to do something of this magnitude, is that it is about having confidence.  Not about having confidence in the markets, or the industry that you work in, but about confidence in yourself.  Confidence to keep that smile firmly fixed on your face every day of the week, even when you don’t know where the next client is or when the phone is going to ring.  Having the confidence and resilience to shake yourself down each day, and move on to the next opportunity.

So to give my ego a boost and the morning shake down I thought I’d review Venture Space’s first year ( to be updated in the projects section). I need for myself to consider the highlights to confirm to myself how far I’ve come, but I realised that at all contracts when you start out are highlights.    All the client contracts I’ve completed this year, have all made me excited, and made me come home to my husband with a smile on my face.  Why, because they’ve added confidence to my very fragile ego.  All my new contacts and clients have all given me extra mileage to keep going into 2013.  So be it counting chairs, fixing chairs or installing chairs, I’ve loved every minute of 2012.

 So to answer the question, was I crazy to embark on self employment in 2012?  Crazy no, where will 2013 take me, I have no idea, but bring on the adVENTURE.

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