Sink or Swim in the Office

It occurs to me that a swimming pool is much like an office.  If you take a trip to a local pool you’ll see it full of the same type of people that you find in an office.

There are the serious swimmers, those that get in early, stay late.  Keeping their head down as they pound the lanes, knowing their goals lie in dedication and hard work for a successful career. Serious swimmers also know what has to be done to get the work done and are strategic about it.

Casual swimmers who just turn up because they know they should.  Often the pool for a casual swimmer is a place for social activity, meet their friends and if it happens get by with a bit of swimming until it’s time to clock off once they’ve put in their set ours

There’s even a CEO in the form of a life guard.  Surveying over the pool in an executive chair.  Making sure people aren’t getting into trouble, blowing the whistle on bad behavior and rescuing the swimmers who are sinking, sometimes even having to evict the trouble makers.

Swimming instructors, are the coaches and mentors found in offices, guiding and providing essential office skills.

Swimming pools are also akin to offices in that once you’ve learnt the strokes of how to swim, how business is done, there are all the different types of places to swim.  Some swimmers prefer larger pools, some like smaller ones, sea swimming compared to chlorine filled municipals.  It’s just the same in the office environment.

In conclusion it occurs to me that In a pool at any one time you’ll also find all the generations that you’ll find in an office. Swimming generations cohabiting together, all doing their bit, from children splashing and diving, to serene old ladies keeping their head above the water line.  Each getting something different out of the swimming pool experience.