Do you need qualifications?

I have this year decided to get some additional qualifications and courses under my belt, ranging from short day courses, to longer accreditations. I’ve also decided that as FM is so all encompassing as a subject field these are going to be in a range of subject areas.

My questions is, why do I need to have that validation?  I’ve been working in the FM arena for a while now – ok there are some very experienced guys out there, but I feel that six years is a good starting point to my career.  So why do I still feel that need to prove to myself and others that I am valid and that my opinion counts.  Is it simply due to the complex subject area of FM that means you have to know so much about such a wide range of topics: leases, project management, utility management, waste, property schedules, legislation, workplace strategy etc?

I believe that so much of FM is about common sense and experience, that it is hard to get the balance right and that by having qualifications it at least show the world that your experience is backed up by knowledge, hence my approach to looking at courses on various topic areas.

So with that in mind, I’ve refreshed my IOSH managing safely certificate.  I’ve attended the DSE Assessor Training programme, and just finished my IEMA foundation certificate.  The DSE course was a great two day classroom course, where we worked with other FM’s learning about posture and some of the health risks associated with our daily interaction with technology.

The other course I completed – fresh of the press today –  was my IEMA Foundation Certificate.  I completed this through online learning with Workplace Law, and although I initially took the view that this course would be giving me  a complementary knowledge skill set to my FM work, what I actually I discovered was that I’ve become really quite interested it in environmental management – far more than my experience of day to day activities of waste management.  So much so, that when I finished the course assessments I was rather disappointed that the final assessment wasn’t to go and complete an IER…may just have to go and do one now anyway.

So what next – BIFM 4, or just the BCO office specification course.

Suggestions gratefully received.