Project & Move Management

Project Management

Working with an experienced project manager on your furniture installations will help you take the uncertainty and stress out of an workplace project, whether it is a relocation of your office facility or a refurbishment project.

Move Management

Relocation projects can be simple affairs where only one or two people are but can become complex when the move involves the whole relocation of your company to new premises.  Venture Spaces will work with you and your staff to deliver a seamless relocation package with minimum disruption.

Developing a 360 degree communication plan with your staff well in advance of the move date helps make  staff understand the changes and be aware of what facilities to expect in their new location, Venture Spaces will be on hand to advise on practical issues as to how to pack crates, and what the key project deadlines that need to be adhered to are.

This move management process is developed by working close liaison with all your staff members, team leaders and management, as well as key departments such as IT and also any external contracting staff whom you may use.

Other areas of move management that Venture Spaces can assist with is writing move orientation packs for staff, this includes information such as desk location, phone extension, building maps, packing labels.

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